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Your Favorite Teams Mashup

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Combine the logos of two or more of your favorite sports teams. Don't just create an image with the two logos next to each other! Make the final logo look natural and cohesive. 

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Submissions So Far

Your Favorite Teams Mashup

I have merged, or mashup’d logos from two of my favorite sports team. The red and yellow outer ring of the logo is Manchester United, an English soccer team, and in the middle is the logo of the Eagles, an NFL football team based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.…

Washington Teams!

I decided to do this assignment because I’m a huge washington fan, I really enjoyed putting this together and loved the way it turned out!…

My Favorite Sports Teams

For this assignment I got to further indulge in my passion for sports related content. For this task I was instructed to combine the logos/mascots of my favorite sports teams in one unified image. The image is suppose to look natural and cohesive, meaning it shouldn’t look like I just …

Mashup 2

For my 2nd mashup, I did the Your Favorite Teams Mashup and used the Baltimore Orioles and Ravens because they’re my 2 favorite teams. I used the Ravens’ mascot, Poe, and decided to put the Oriole Bird on the front of his jersey so I could incorporate the mascot more …

Viking from Iowa

For my final assignment this week I decided to combine the logos from my two favorite sports teams (4 stars).

Can you see what’s different? #ds106 #sports

— Kasey Mayer (@KaseyMayer) November 17, 2017

To be completely honest, I do not keep up with sports at all. I have …

Boston Mashup

For my last mashup assignment of Week 12, I decided to complete the Favorite Sports Team Mashup. It was easy for me to come up with an idea for this assignment as Morph Shadow follows the Boston/New England Sports team as she is from Winthrop, Massachusettes, right outside of …

Favorite Sports Teams MashUp

For my last mashup assignment this week, I took a couple of my boyfriend’s favorite teams and put them together. I used the L.A. Rams, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Boston Red Sox. I was trying to also incorporate the San Antonio Spurs, but they weren’t fitting in a way that made …

Logo Mashup

Originally, my family and I are from Cleveland and we’re all into sports. So naturally, I knew which couple of teams I could pick from for this assignment.

This logo is the Cleveland Cavaliers sword logo, mashed up with the Cleveland Browns name and colors. Turned out really cool actually! …

Mascot Mash-Up

Ever since I moved to Virginia, I fell in love with the hockey team, Washington Capitals, and the baseball team, Washington Nationals. I also kept some love for NY when I stick by the Buffalo Bills side. I still have to rep NY in VA. I used the Bills logo, …

Favorite teams machup

The last mashup assignment I did is called your favorite team mashup and is worth 4 stars which brings me over the 12 star minimum. For this I had to make a collage of the logos for my favorite sports teams. It was hard to pick which ones made …

Mash Up 2

This mashup was worth 4 stars. The goal of this assignment was to combine multiple team logos to make a cohesive one. I used pixlr to edit my photos, that I got from google. I used a cavalier logo, the falcons logo and the lakers logo.

The final logo is …

Royals, Nets, and Wildcats..oh my

For this assignment, Your Favorite Teams Mashup, you were meant to create a mashup picture with your favorite team logos on them. Since most of my favorite team don’t really even have a physical mascot (except for the wildcats) I decided to make Willie the Wildcat the main part …

Capital Wizards

For my next assignment, I chose to mashup two different sports team logos. I decided to use the curly W for the nationals and the Wizards logo for mine. I’m not super into sports so I just asked a friend what his two favorite sports were  and decided to …

Sports Team Remix

For my first remix, I chose the favorite sports team mash up. I am from Charlotte, North Carolina, home of the NBA team, the Charlotte Hornets, and the NFL team, the Carolina Panthers.. so obviously I had to choose them. Plus! They are my favorite.

I remixed it and …

Sports Teams Mashup

The Work Itself 

This assignment is titled “Your Favorite Teams Mashup“, its instructions are to “combine the logos of two or more of your favorite sports teams. Don’t just create an image with the two logos next to each other! Make the final logo look natural and cohesive.” …

Favorite Team MashUp

For this MashUp Assignment I chose the Your Favorite Teams assignment (3 stars). The basis of the assignment is to mix together your favorite team’s logo into one logo. The goal is to make it work together as if it could be an actual team logo. Here’s my design:

As …

New England BruPats

For my third Mashup assignment I did the Favorite Teams Mashup. I decided to combine some of my favorite Boston sports teams together. I combined the New England Patriots logo with the Boston Bruins logo using gimp. I wasn’t sure which teams I should combine but I ended up …

Favorite Team Mashup

This assignment was funny, I enjoyed making it so much I did my tutorial on it. You can see my tutorial here. I decided to combine the three favorites teams of my household; the Redskins, the Bears, and the Capitals. You can see my process in my tutorial.

The New Logo For Baltimore Sports

I decided to complete the Your Favorite Sports Teams Mashup. For this assignment I used the Baltimore Ravens and Orioles logo.


Then Using photo shop I cut out the O logo and merged it onto the Ravens logo. I used the magnetic lasso for the process. Then I …


For this assignment I decided to find two teams (Heat and Redskins) and combine their logos together. I used PowerPoint to make the logo, and managed to fit them over each other to be like a Redskin comet. In the end, I decided on the team name the Heatskins.…

The Wire’s Favorite Teams Mashed Up

Here is a mashup of two teams out of Baltimore just like The Wire. I took the logos from the University of Maryland and the Baltimore Orioles and blended with a photo blending app to create this assignment before uploading it to my Flickr account. There were several teams to …

A Wire Teams Mashup

Two Baltimore team logos blended together to represent The Wire

Sports Bird Mashup

For one of my Mashup Assignments, I chose to do Your Favorite Teams Mashup. Being a big sports fan this one was right up my alley, so I knew what I wanted to go with ahead of time. I decided to mashup my two favorite football teams, with one …

Mashing Up Some Teams

3 Stars

For my second Mashup Assignment, I chose to complete Your Favorite Teams Mashup. I am a huge sports fan and have been pretty much since I was born. I grew up with my whole family being into all different sports, but some are my favorite to watch …

Pittsburgh Mashup

For the Your Favorite Teams Mashup (worth 3 stars), I used  Pittsburgh teams, because I was born and raised a Pittsburgh fan. I used the Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins logos, and this font and of course Photoshop.

Your Favorite Teams Mashup: The Lakeskins

“Combine the logos of two or more of your favorite sports teams. Don’t just create an image with the two logos next to each other! Make the final logo look natural and cohesive.”



Introducing “The Lakeskins” I hybrid logo for the Los Angeles Lakers and The Washington Redskins. …


For the Favorite Sports Teams Mashup Assignment, we are asked to combine the logo of two or more of your favorite sports teams. I think I have made it obvious throughout the semester that the New York Jets & the New York Yankees are my two favorite teams, so choosing …

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Tutorials So Far

2 Boston Sports team combined

My family on my moms side is a huge Boston fan, so these 2 teams are the perfect combination. The 2 teams are New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox. I enjoy this assignment because I love sports and talking about them. …

Favorite Team Mashup Tutorial

For this assignment you have to combine the logos of two or more of your favorite sports teams. The steps I used to create this are as followed.

Pick your favorite sports teams

Mine was: Redskins, Capitals and the Bears

Decide your design

I picked to have all the logos…

Your Favorite Teams Mashup Tutorial

Here is a tutorial for the Your Favorite Teams Mashup assignment .

1) Select your two favorite sports teams

2) Find an image of the two teams logo’s and download them to your computer.

3) Go to

4) Select “open image from your computer” and open the two …