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You’ve made my GIFlist

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To-do lists can help us get stuff done. An animated gif of your completed to-list is evidence of your awesome ability to get stuff done.

1) Use software on your computer, an app on your phone or an old fashioned pen and paper to create a to-do list of tasks or things you need to complete.

2) Start a task or thing on your list. Complete it. For each completed task or thing, take a screen capture or photo and then continue to work through the list.

3) Once you have completed each task or thing on your list, compile your screen captures or photos and then publish as an animated gif.

4) Share your achievement with the world.

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Submissions So Far

Lists of Lists

For this assignment I decided to take pictures of my to-do lists that I complete while I am at work. I love to-do list because they let me know where I stand on what I needed to accomplish.

Packed and Ready

For this Animated GIF Assignment, worth 3.5 stars, we were asked to make a GIF from a to-do list, while completing it.  We were told to take screen captures or pictures of the list as we completed each task.  For mine, I have been on the go frequently recently …

Gif List

This assignment was worth 3.5 stars. I took random photos of my planner. I downloaded them into my computer. I used a site online that will animate and create the gif for me. I uploaded the photos I wanted to use. Then I downloaded the completed project.…

Coleman Joiner Everyday GIFlist

I chose to do a GIFlist, using tasks that I perfrom every morning (sometimes afternoon) when I wake up.

Assignment #1 ds106 Coleman Joiner

Assignment #1 ds106

Here is my first Assignment from the ds106 website. I chose the animated GifList.

Ms.Busy Body

During this task, the idea was to create a Gif.Checklist Graphic. I dedided to check off all activities I did for the day so far.  As I completed each task, I felt very accomplished.…

You’ve made my GIFlist

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You’ve made my GIFlist, originally uploaded by Rowan Peter. A shopping themed You’ve made my GIFlist for DS106 GIFfest. When I get mad And I get pissed I grab my pen And I write out a list Of all the … Continue reading

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Tutorials So Far

GIF list Tutorial

For this Assignment, there is a simple way to approach it.  To make this GIF, there is a wonderful website.  You get a sight similar to this:

For this assignment you will want to take pictures of each step, or each item being marked out, and upload them …