Minimalistic poster

This is my minimalistic poster for the Design Assignment at #ds106 Digital Storytelling. Tom Woodward (through Marta Burtis) posted the assignment, namely to

Create a tv/movie poster that captures the essence of the story through the use of minimalist design/iconograph.

I chose Everyone Says I Love You, one of Woody Allen’s masterpieces which, among other details is also a homage to the Marx Brothers and to classic Musicals. I love Woody and I am a true fan of his, so here is my assignment. I have to say that the very idea for this assignment is compelling and a machine to produce concentrates of movie essence. I loved doing it.


After taking some inspiration in the movie poster of Jim (The Birds) :)
I decided to make another great movie about one of the great masters of suspense, Hitchcock
Here the minimalistic movie posters assignment for ds106

Another version:

Minimalist Movie Poster: Speed

Design Assignment:.

Create a tv/movie poster that captures the essence of the story through the use of minimalist design/iconography.

Speed may not be the pinnacle of film, but the theme of the movie lends itself to a design aesthetic like this. Abstract concepts can be hard to distill, but the idea of a bus moving fast is quite a different story. The difficulty, for me, was trying to create a sense of tension. I’m not a designer, so I went with what felt right: the negative space, the contrast between the bus and typography, the angles, and the placement of the bus relative to the typography. What do you think?

“You see what you want to see”

and you hear what you want to hear.

Presenting The Point.

007 Minimalist Poster

Generic for any 007 film, because there is always a Bond Girl.

Minimalist Movie Posters

As I told you in the last post, I decided that we have reached the point in the semester where I can be honest with you: I love Harry Potter. I mean, really love Harry Potter. Not to the extent of writing Fan Fiction (because that’s just too much!) but to the extent where I like to tell my friends when they try and tell me stuff about the books/movies, “There is nothing you know that I don’t already know.”

In honor of this, I have decided to make minimalist movie posters…for the books. I used paint to make them (thanks Megan for letting me use your computer since Macs are too good for Paint).

Book 1:

(The glasses are supposed to be crooked…because Harry always breaks them).

Book 2:

Book 3:

(It’s the moon…or a crystal ball).

Book 7 (Because I don’t want to keep posting a billion of these because I’m sure this is getting old for everyone…and the symbols for the other books are too far beyond my artistic techniques. So, we are just skipping to number 7).

I color coded the deathly hallows so it was obvious they were all different things.

This assignment earlier in the week was really scary, but I think it I did well with only knowing how to use paint (Megan offered to let me use her photoshop but I feel like it would have been too much for this old man).

the barfly and the buk

I still count bukowski as one of the greatest, though my days of worshiping him are over. I can’t keep up with role models like that anymore.

I’m not sure about the poem in the background. Way too much to expect from a viewer. I like the crushed can. I think it being at the bottom of the image is good. I would have liked to include some words in the background, as I am sure bukowski would have. Words are healthy things when taken in moderation.

Minimal Trouble in Little China

John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China – one of the best movies of the 80s, or perhaps of all time?  Anyhow, this is my Minimalist Movie/TV poster assignment.  If you’ve seen the film, you’ll get it, and if not, you probably won’t.  Either way you should go and watch the film.  Now.  Please?

Minimalist Movie Poster

I decided for my assignment that I would make a minimalist movie poster. I love the professionally done ones that you can find online, they are some of the most creatively simple pictures I’ve seen. To get started I had to pick a movie, this was a huge decision in itself because I wanted to do something awesome and I have seen so many movies so it was hard to decide. I figured I should actually try something simple because I have no experience in Photoshop or Illustrator and I’m terrible at in Paint. After thinking about it for a while, I finally decided on the movie My Neighbor Totoro. I’m not sure how many of you watch Japanese anime movies, but this is definitely a childhood favorite and even a favorite at 22. The subject of my poster is an acorn (Totoro and his friends carry around acorns and plant them), which seemed easy enough. Unfortunately, I wanted it to be perfect and look like the professional ones, but without experience in Illustrator, my dreams started to slip away. I tried my best drawing an acorn, I even tried to add a little shine and a shadow to it, and I think it turned out pretty nice (although I’m not sure anyone would know what it is if they didn’t read this first). I think I’ll probably put a lot more practice into using photoshop and illustrator.

50 Eggs

Taking a stab at the minimalist movie poster assignment for ds106. There are so many ways to slice this; I rifled through my DVD drawer and landed on this classic I rewatched (a few times), Paul Newman’s tour de force as Cool Hand Luke.

While we know the classic opening parking meter decapitation, the “failure to communicate” line, the rant of “a night in the box”, Luke’s effort to win a bet by eating 50 eggs in an hour symbolizes both the futility and focus of being in jail (or so I guess).

My technique involves “borrowing” images form Google and tracing/copying them. I did not want to use a photo of an egg, but found a simple photo that I placed in the location where mine is. I used the oval selection to get the shape, and used a stroke command to get an outline. I then used the magic wand to select the interior, created a mask, and did a gradient fill. A bit of drop shadow gave my egg some depth.

I then mocked the text from one of the many covers out there. I did not match the font exactly, or even closely, I used Black Oak Std, which is rather narrow, so I stretched it out vertically to make it more interesting. I just used the graphic as a guide and to select the turquoise color.

Then it was just a little gradient background, and put an outside glow effect on the text to make it float a bit.

I like both ends of the assignment, sorting out for the element to focus on, and finding a way to recreate it with simpler shapes.