Visual Assignments

Playlist Poetry

_cokwr: Write a sentence (preferably somewhat coherent, yet on the nonsensical side), a poem, or a quick story using the titles of songs you have in your Windows Media Player (iTunes may possibly work as well). Print the screen. Paste it in Microsoft Paint (or some higher-end equivalent). Save it, upload it, and share. If you could even respond to the one I originally created as a challenge (possibly even embed it as a comment on that blog entry), that would be even cooler., _cpzh4: Visual, _cre1l:, _chk2m: callean, _ciyn3: 46, _ckd7g: , _clrrx: , _cztg3:

Stranger Portraits

_cokwr: Take a portrait of a total stranger each day for 7 days. Try to capture their image in a way that gives the viewer a deeper understanding of the person. Write a little about how you approached the person and what you learned about them. This assignment is part photography challenge but the harder part, in my opinion, is forcing yourself to interact with strangers in a fairly personal way. , _cpzh4: Visual, _cre1l:, _chk2m: Tom, _ciyn3: 29, _ckd7g: , _clrrx: , _cztg3:

Demotivate yourself!

_cokwr: Demotivational posters have become quite a common and interesting phenomenon on the Internet. Whether actually "demotivational" or simply tongue-in-cheek, create a demotivational poster today!, _cpzh4: Visual, _cre1l:, _chk2m: mome, _ciyn3: 191, _ckd7g: , _clrrx: , _cztg3:

Summarize a movie with Animated GIFs

_cokwr: Use no more than 10 animated GIFs to tell the story of the movie of your choice., _cpzh4: Visual, _cre1l:, _chk2m: Tim Owens, _ciyn3: 3, _ckd7g: , _clrrx: , _cztg3: