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Bad Guy Business Cards

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Apparently, street gangs in Chicago, like the Hell's Devils, used to have calling cards (see the gallery: This makes me think that poor marketing gives evil-doers a bad image. Help some of them out by creating business cards for them. But not the Joker - that's too obvious.

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Bad Guy: Not the Billie Eilish Song

Original DS 106 Assignment: Bad Guy Business Card (2 stars)

I was recruited by a local Chicago group known as the Kumbia Kingz to make business cards for them. They are a group of Chicano-Latino members of over 20. Upon meeting, they explained the business cards they needed was to …

Mills’ Business Card

When I saw this assignment for creating a business card for a bad guy, I knew that I had to create a business card for Shannon Mills, the villain of the Steadfast Sleuths and more specifically, Sasha Kellogg. The inspiration for this card came from our group’s radio show, …

I Will Find You and I Will Kill You.

For my last assignment of the week, I chose to make a business card for Lenny, the master-mind of Lenny’s Hitman Service. I figured that he might need some help getting business to practice on before he comes after me. Johnny “Corner Pocket” apparently hired one of his men to …

Shadow Dealing with Business

Bad Guy Business Cards (2pts):

-The following is Shadow’s business card for his side job. Only cause he is a big shot doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to make a little money on the side being an entrepreneur. Give Shadow a call if you need help getting something back. He …

Bad Guy Business Card

Do you have anything that you want to smuggle across the ocean? Do you want to do it cheaply and efficiently? Well then call Frank! Frank is great at bringing things over secretly so no one knows where you got it!

I saw this assignment that Paul created about Bad …

Call Black Mamba today for efficient evil doing.

Before I started working on the Twilight Zone assignments, I had to do this one first. What isn’t cool about female super villains, right? Here is the calling card I made for Black Mamba, an evil doer from the Marvel Universe.



You wouldn’t surmise it from looking at …

Bad “Broad” Business Card

Great idea for literature classes to tie in with novels. Simple using microsoft publisher. If I can do it, anyone can.

Call Me Maybe

This was the bad guy calling card (2 star) assignment, and frankly, bad guys have been a fascination of mine as of recent. (So, duh.) This calling card is obvious given the recent relevancy of Batman. This is a business card for one of my favorite super villains–Poison Ivy–who uses…

Bad Guy Business Cards

For this assignment I chose to make a Bad Guy Business Card. This character is from the movie: No Country for Old Men.
I made this in Photoshop. First I opened it using a yellow color and imposed the picture of Anton on the left. Then I used the filter…

Bad Guy Business Card-”The Situation”

Bad Guy Cards Assignment is pretty simple, make a business card for a bad guy. I choose “The Situation” because I thought it will be fun to create.

First…find a great picture of Mike and crop him out using the Magnetic Lasso Tool then I used the “Film Grain”…

Bad Guy Business Cards – David Lynch Edition

So what’s really surprised me recently is how my phone could suddenly be such a big part of my design process. I’ve used Photoshop and Illustrator for years, to touch up photos, create logos, set typography, etc. But in the past few weeks I’ve been bouncing images back and forth…

the dark mark

For this assignment, I made Bellatrix Lestrange a business card. She is from the Harry Potter series, in case you didn’t know. Convicted of torturing Neville Longbottom’s parents into madness and completely devoted to her master, Lord Voldemort.
I used Microsoft Powerpoint to put this business card together. It wasn’t…

Alfred Bester, Psi Corps business card. #ds106 assignment

One of my favorite TV bad guys, Alfred Bester, the PSI cop on Babylon Five. He was a powerful telepath and ruthless. He hunted down rouge telepaths. Played by Walter Koenig, aka Chekov of The original Star Trek Series, Bester was a very different character than Chekov.
Here’s his business…

Bad Guy Business Card

grinch business card
I made my business card in word and i had no idea how to make it appear here on my blog, any advice is greatly appreciated.

Need a fur coat?

De Vil Designs is there for you!

This is my take on the Bad Guy Business Card assignment. For my villain I chose Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians. This really was so much fun. I’m really getting the hang of GIMP and so I was able to properly manipulate…

Calling Card for a Fast Moving Hard Working Cop

Last year in ds106 I built a few of my assignments out of the movie Dirty Harry — and having seen this movie just last night, I am just shifting to another classic San Francisco cop, Bullitt.
I did this for the Bad Guy Business Cards design assignment — and…

Bad Guy Business Cards

download Honestly… This was my laziest work ever… But i feel the need to crank out something. Just been really strapped on time and I have not cranked out a DS106 assignment since the pioneer stage. So he is a quick business card I created for John Gotti, for those…

Bad Guy Business Cards

Did I make up this crazy thing? Then I guess that means I should do something with it. So here’s mob boss Paulie Cicero. You don’t want to be in business with him, because you have to come up with his money every month no matter what.

Here’s a bit…

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