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Best Sports Play

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Make a GIF of the best sports play in your opinion from this past year.

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Submissions So Far

Best Sports Play Ever!

I remember watching this during the College Softball Series back in June. In my opinion, this was one of the best plays I have seen. It is not easy to catch the ball, set your feet, and make a good throw to get the lead runner out. I can only …

Best Sports Play of the Past Year (IMO)

To me, this was the best sports play of the year. The Bucks played great defense on the other side to prevent Devin Booker from winning/tying the game in the final seconds. The Bucks get a steal and convert that into a fastbreak alley-oop “AND-1” (Giannis was fouled on the …


Even though I really do not like the team this player is on… the goal is amazing. What he does with his left foot is hard enough to do but to score in a game, now that’s just unheard of.

My Best Sports Play!

Original Assignment: Best Sports Play


To view my Gif you have to press download. Copy URL… then paste into a new window. I tried to embed it in the post but I couldn’t figure it out. I even tried to get help from peers and that didn’t work …

Lindsey At Home 2020-05-31 17:21:52

Original Assignment: Best Sports Play


To view my Gif you have to press download. Copy URL… then paste into a new window. I tried to embed it in the post but I couldn’t figure it out. Even tried to get help from peers and that didn’t work either …

Week 2 – Best Sports Play

Trick Play!

For this assignment I decided to use this play from the Patriots vs. The Ravens game a few weeks ago. A few of the reasons why I picked this play are the Patriots are my NFL team, this was a completely unexpected play, and it kinda relates to life. Life …

Best sports play gif

Here is Auburn with an amazing catch. Bad defense though.

Tyreek Hill vs Dallas Cowboys

Tyreek Hill miracle touch down before the half

The Year of the Slam Dunk

2017 was a very exciting year for me as a basketball fan/athlete. I’ve had to stop playing competitively myself due to work, school, and family. But I still watch it when I  have time. There’s always been athletes who dunk. But to me this year was something special for everyones …

Wonder Week Two

This week I began with doing my first daily create. I actually loved these! There is really no parameters. I like this because I get to be creative! My favorite daily create was the robots fourth law. I was able to use bender from Futurama! Futurama is an adult animated …

Russell Westbrook: Triple-Double Record+ Game Winning Shot

Hi Everyone,

for my second assignment I chose to create a GIF of what, is in my opinion, the best sports play from the past year. The best play I’ve seen in sports this past year was EASILY when Russell Westbrook, of the Oklahoma City Thunder, broke Oscar Robertson

Odell GIF


I created a GIF of the sports player that I think has done the best this year (at least as a wide receiver)


This is a gif of one of his best catches…

6’11” = No Problem

This is my second GIF assignment this week. I chose this assignment for the same reason why I chose this last assignment, I love sports. I wanted to be able to create a GIF of what I thought was the best sports play of the year. I chose to go …

Best Sports Play GIF – Ozuno of the Miami Marlins

For this assignment, I was to create a GIF of what I considered the greatest sports play of the year. I am a big baseball fan, serving as the captain of my high school team and an overall, all around avid baseball viewer, so quickly I knew to go to …

My favorite sports play in a Gif!

This is a Gif of David Tyree, of the New York Giants, making a nearly impossible against catch against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII in 2008.  Right before the catch was made, Eli Manning made an insane escape from pressure to avoid a sack.  This catch …

Odell Gif

Odell does it again!…

AnimatedGIF Assignment 1780

I found this GIF of what I thought was one of the most amazing sports plays in recent history, as the player literally did a flip over the top of the other player in order to score a touchdown. Pretty amazing in my opinion.

Tennessee Hail Mary

One of the most exciting moments of the 2016 college football season thus far!

Aaron It Out

This particular assignment caught my eye immediately because I am a HUGE sports fan! The assignment is to make a GIF of the best sports play, in my opinion, from the past year.

I instantly thought of the NFL football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions.…

Kris Jenkins Buzzer Beater NCAA Tounament

Original assignment

My very first GIF file!

I remember being in downtown Fredericksburg, VA at Jay’s Bar & Lounge. The shot went up and it was silent. It swishes through the hoop and Jay’s is in an uproar. There were many upset North Carolina fans. I just wanted a good …

Messi Breaking Ankles

For this GIF assignment, I decided to get a clip of Lionel Messi’s second goal for Barcelona when they played in the UEFA Champions League semi-final against Bayern Munich. RIP Boateng and his ankles (the defender who fell over). Not only did he break the defenders ankles, he then …

Best Sports Play

This is a catch made by Angel’s centerfielder Mike Trout in the 2015 season.


I really enjoyed this assignment because I was able to watch tons of plays from some of my favorite athletes.  I ended up coming up with this play by Mike Trout.  This assignment also helped …

Sports GIF

Here’s a sports gif I found of a good football play…

When you realize that you weren’t accepted for the job

Well, lately I’ve been trying to search for an student job here at the campus and so far it has been a fail for me. at first, I assumed the fact that finding work in your college was easier than … Continue reading →

Best Sports Play!

Steph Curry had a great season this year, and this particular play was epic and memorable. I mean, who can shoot a three pointer like that? Well, other than Ray Allen, of course!

Best Sports Play!

http:// Initially, I had a little difficulty inserting this GIF, but after relentless attempts, I finally got it. This is one of the Best Sports Plays of the year in my opinion. Steph Curry had a great season this year, and … Continue reading →

1st digital storytelling assignment GIF

I created this GIF assignment, Best Sports Play. I love watching sports and myself played football so it is easy for me to relate to the NFL and football in general. I remember watching this game and specifically this play live from last season. I believe this play was …

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Best Sports Play GIF! (Imgur Tutorial)

Since I started my Ds106 Career, I have had to make a few GIFs for some assignments. I had always wanted to know how to because I see a lot of them all over Twitter and Instagram. So I found this amazing website or online tool, whatever you would like …