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Covers by different Artists- Same song

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Submitted by: Takuya Roper

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I have used Youtube Doubler as my source to create a mashup. The song is called "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith. The 2 videos are covered by 2 different artists; Venosa and Alyona. This is one of my favorite songs and I like listening to it with both male and femal version. 

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We Are the World

3 Stars

We Are the World is one of my favorite songs from the 80’s. I love getting to see all the artists together making something beautiful. And it was really cool when they redid the song when I was in middle school.

This assignment was harder than I thought. …

Original & Cover Song Mashup

This assignment, which was 3 stars, required me to mashup the same song covered by two different artists. I chose to do the original version of Passenger’s “Let Her Go” and a cover by Boyce Avenue. I again used my voice recording app on my iPhone to record the …

Covers By Different Artists Same Song

For this assignment, I used Youtube Doubler as suggested in the assignment page to mash up to cover song from 2 different artists. The song I chose was the popular summer ear-worm Despacito.

Click on this link for the full effect:

YouTube Doubler

Hallelujah Mashup

For week 5, an assignment I decided to complete was entitled “Covers by Different Artists-Same Song.” I chose this assignment as I love mashups as well as covers, so why not put the two together? The assignment recommended using Youtube Doubler to complete the mashup, so naturally, I …

The Obstacles of Music Mashups

For one of my assignments this week I decided to cover with the assignment post from the Audio section 2021. This assignment said to take two different covers of the same song an use YouTube Doubler to create a mashup. I chose to do a Send My Love Cover …

Colors of the Wind

This assignment took a really long time for me to complete, mostly because I could not find clips with singers singing the same versions of the song. I did not anticipate such time consumption because I started with a thought, “It’ll be easy; I will find two versions of the …

Same Song, Same Thing

For this assignment, Covers By Different Artists- Same Song, we are meant to create a mash-up of a song that has been made into a cover by someone. The best and my most favorite example to use for this is “Tainted Love”. People think that Soft Cell where the …

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