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_cokwr: Find something in a foreign language and use Google Translate and laugh about how awful it is. Its pretty easy to do if you use Google Chrome. Just go to a site in another language and select the translate to English button when it pops up (options - under the hood - check the box that says to offer translations). I think you can also use the main to translate pages as well. If its a language you know, give an explanation of what it should be and list possible reasons it got messed up. , _cpzh4: On/In the Web, _cre1l:, _chk2m: Steven Q. Dangerfist, _ciyn3: 209, _ckd7g: , _clrrx: , _cztg3:

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This is the video off of Youtube I used to look for comments in different languages because it is a Korean artist and the video

For this assignment I decided to take lyrics from a song and put it into Google translate. I’ve seen this done before and the results

Google Translate can either be incredibly helpful or the exact opposite. My mission was to put something into Google Translate that would translate it

In this 2 star assignment, I had to find a website that was in a foreign language and laugh at how awful the translation is

This assignment is worth 2 stars.   Original statement: Cats rule and dogs drool! I typed in that saying and then went through a series

For the Google Translate Fail assignment, I stumbled upon a Japanese Burger King website and translated the only parts of the site that werent

I found something in a foreign language (ARABIC) and used google translate….which is awful as everyone knows. It is pretty easy to mess things up I chose for this assignment to get Google to translate Sony’s Japanese website.  This actually didn’t yield as much as I’d thought–it turns out most
At lease according to Google Translate.  This is Google’s translation of Kenan Doğulu’s Turkish Wikipedia page.   Translation: Bob Marley (May 31, 1974; Cihangir ,
…computers can do it better! Right? 産業界では2年後に第1弾を迎える消費税増税に戦々恐々としている。 =That we fear in the industry and we welcome war to the consumption tax hike in two years

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