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Greetings From DS106

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Submitted by: Michael Branson Smith

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Tell us where you are, where you're from, or simply where you'd rather be and build a greeting card.

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Submissions So Far

Greetings from Outer Banks

Greetings from DS106-2.5 Stars

Tell us where you are, where you’re from, or simply where you’d rather be and build a greeting card.

I think postcards are pretty cool so I was excited to find an assignment that allowed me the chance to make one.

The Work Itself


The …

Greetings From Scotland

The assignment guidelines can be found here. This design assignment is worth 2 and 1/2 stars.

The postcard I made is from a place that I want to be right now. My family lives in Scotland and I haven’t seen them in so long! I would love to go visit …

Greetings from Andrea Carr’s Hopes and Dreams

This is where Andrea wants to be. Right now. Just like nothing happened. Just like everything was fine. She misses her life of privilege, the parties, the clothes. But she wants her husband back more than anything.


Link to Assignment (2.5 Stars–Character)

Greetings from Fishersville

Greetings from Fishersville, Virginia. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, we are a close nit community. Fall is here and the most beautiful season for us. No matter where you go in the valley you are promised a beautiful view of the colorful mountains. Come visit us, you won’t be …

Greetings From DS106

2 1/2 stars

There is just about nowhere on this earth I love as much as Scotland. When I saw that we had the option to make a postcard from somewhere we wish we were, it was a no brainer because I always wish I was in Scotland.

For this …

Greetings from a land of the midnight sun

I watched the Midnight Sun episode and thought about what kind of assignment could go with it. Splash color on one of the paintings? Maybe, but I did something like that already. I thought about the radio guy doing the weather and how that might be a nice audio assignment …

Greetings From DS106


I would love to be in the Philippines by now. The bamboo frame was an installation on the shore for photo opportunities. I took this photo last summer, I finally get to use it for something.

I used GIMP to edit this photo.



For my last assignment for my final project I did Greetings from ds106 (again). I previously did this assignment here, but for the stake of my final story I went ahead and did it twice (it will make more sense when you see my whole story together.

For this …

Oh, Chicago

For my next assignment I did grettings from ds106.  This assignment is to tell us where you are, where you’re from, or simply where you’d rather be and build a greeting card.

To make this greeting card I started off by finding my pictures.  I’m not going to tell …

Hi from the Happiest Place on Earth!

I totally got this idea from Kailtyn and her post greetings loved ones.  As you may have read on here by now (at least twenty times),  I AM GOING TO DISNEY IS LESS THAN A WEEK.  And I’m kinda pretty excited about it.  So I find it totally fitting …

Greetings Loved Ones

Brownie Points (sorry I don’t have the power to give out extra star points) for whoever can name that song I’m pulling that line from in the title!!

Since I have an impending trip coming up in a week and a half(!!!), I thought this was an appropriate assignment. This …

Post Card from Paradise

Greetings from ds106 “Tell us where you are, where you’re from, or simply where you’d rather be and build a greeting card.” Part 3 Being the good daughter she is, Eliza sent her parents a post card from paradise filling them in on her amazing trip. The back says: “Mom and Dad, I am having the best time. I picked up this post card outside the Pantheon, and sat down outside to enjoy the sunshine and culture. Rome is a huge city, luckily their subway only has 2 lines, so it’s not too hard to get where you’re going. Can’t wait to see you when I get home, and start … Continue reading →

Greetings from Ethiopia

I have been to Ethiopia several times and wanted to do a postcard that represented it accurately but not stereotypically.

Greetings from DS106

Assignment Details
Tell us where you are, where you’re from, or simply where you’d rather be and build a greeting card.
Personal Experience
I couldn’t quite figure out how to insert a text to an image on GIMP therefore I did this project on Microsoft Word (Woohoo)! I simply picked…

Where I’d Rather Be

Last but not least this week I did the assignment Greetings from DS106:
“Tell us where you are, where you’re from, or simply where you’d rather be and build a greeting card.”

I LOVE going to the lake. My family has a cabin on a lake in Canada that I…

Greetings from Lagos, Nigeria

For this design assignment, I decided to make a postcard from my hometown! I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and most of my family still lives there. Google image really played a key role in deciding the image i finally settled for, because it happens that I am familar with…

Greetings from…….

Greeting from Santiago,Dominica Republic which is my native country. Santiago is the prettiest city of the Dominica Republic and the monument you see above was given to us by france as a gift because of a civil war we won against spain…

Greetings From DS106

This is where my dad has been relocated and i cant wait to get home i haven’t seen him in forever and i also have a very special friend there!
I made this image on my iPhone, i find that i make a lot of images better from my phone…

Greetings from DS106

Today I tried to ds106′s Desighn assigment.I am not good at make picture or art, but I tried hard to made it.My friend Shinichiro told me how to make greeting card, so my way is almost same as Shinichiro.
I used Picasa this software is free and help me to…

I miss my hometown!

Assignment: Greeting From DS106

I would like to introduce my home town, Ichiki-kushikino city!
The place I grew up is so country side where many nature occupies most of the area. hehe
We have beach, rivers, mountains, many rice fields, etc.
So all foods are so fresh!

Interesting events too!…


I finally started working on ds106 assignments.. I know it’s pretty late but anyways I will do my best.
Assignment I chose this time is ”Greetings from ds106“.

All my classmates would know it but in case you are not from TUJ or whatever, I’m here from Tokyo, Japan. I’ve heard that…

Greetings From DS106 (Digital Storytelling Assignment)

Click here to enlarge

This is my third Digital Storytelling Assignment. This time I picked up the assignment from the design category. What I had to do was just making a postcard of my home town. Yoyogi is the place where I live now, which is located in the central…

Hello World…I mean ds106!!

This is for digital storytelling.Assignment name is Greeting from ds106
For some reasons, my all posts did not show up on ds106…I did not do many assignments, but it was kinda sad for me…However, Professor Lockman and Jim Groom kindly supported me for solving this problem.Finally, Swadloon(Miki Ozawa)is appear on…

? Going Home

I grew up in a small town called Fairborn that was situated close to Dayton, Ohio. We moved when I was 11 and haven’t been back in a very long time. From what I understand the town is suffering with job loss and many folks having moved out of the…

Design Assignment: Greetings from London

Greetings from DS106: Tell us where you are, where you’re from, or simply where you’d rather be and build a greeting card.
So, I created a postcard for this assignment and decided to make it from London, England since I’ve had a little crush on this city for a while–especially…

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Tutorials So Far

Grettings From DS106 (tutorial)

For this assignment i used an app that i have on my iPhone 4. I went to Google to find three images that i thought would represent what i would send to someone to show them that i was in Fayetteville and happy. After selecting the three images i sent…