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Guess the Song

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Submitted by: Randi Crabbe

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You have to create a poster that describes a popular song while also using an image of yourself, without telling us what the song is.   It's kind of a mix between the minimalist assignment and the 4 images one movie assignment using the Noun Project, except you have to put yourself in it.

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Submissions So Far

Name that tune (80’s addition)

For my final assignment I decided to do Guess the Song. In this assignment, I had to create a poster that described a popular song while also using a picture of myself. I was really excited to use this assignment to be creative!

While thinking about the song I …

What Song Is It??

For my fifth and final design assignment for the week I chose the assignment Guess The Song, where the idea is creating a poster for a popular song, without telling the name of the song, and incorporating an image of you into it. It took me awhile to figure …

The Wire: Can you guess my song?

In thinking about this assignment I wanted to convey or at least represent an aspect of the wire in a creative fashion. The intro scenes during episode 9 of Season 2 of The Wire. I will give you a hint it has a lot to do with lyrics and what comes before each Wire episode!

A Walk Through the Garden: Guess that song?

Can You Guess the Song?

The assignment that I did earlier in the week was entitled Guess That Song from the Guess The Song assignment worth 3 1/2 stars.   The song which I did was based on The Wire’s Intro Theme Song for Season 2.

For this particular assignment …

Can You Guess This Song?

This assignment which was worth 3 and 1/2 stars was to create a poster using  a photo of yourself and incorporating an object in it as well. The object and your picture are then used as hints to a song that people must guess.

This song may be tricky, I …

Guess The Song or Die

Home stretch! I’m on to my last design assignment for the week. An assignment that stood was the “Guess The Song.” There was a picture of a girl with a straw drinking a watermelon. I later realized that the song was by Beyonce. Point being, i chose this assignment and …

Guess my song!

Guess my song! I decided to do the “guess my song” assignment as my last assignment and have some fun with it. I uploaded a photo from my birthday to Photoshop. It was the perfect photo for what I had in mind because I was holding something. I …

Guess the Song

The assignment was to create an image of a popular song while also including a picture of myself. This assignment was worth 3 stars, but it took me forever since I figured I’d start using GIMP instead of just sticking to paint and making sloppy pictures. Here’s a little on …

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