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Historical Selfies

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Submitted by: Tom Woodward

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George Armstrong Custer Selfie

Selfies are pretty terrible and associated with massive amounts of ego. Take the hubris and arrogance exemplified by Selfies at Funerals and Rich Kids of Instagram and apply them to a historical or literary figure on the eve of an impending disaster.

You can see more examples and get a Photoshop template file here.

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Historical Selfie- 3 stars

This assignment is to take a historical figure and make a selfie of them before a tragedy. This is Harry Houdini in front of the Princess Theater in Montreal. At this theater, a student named J. Gordon Whitehead had punched Houdini, supposedly rupturing his appendix.

Dark Night Selfie

I decided to get started early on the visual assignments for week 3 of noir106. I took some time this evening to work on the Chimeratic Composition assignment submitted by the great Tom Woodward. The instructions are as follows:

Take at least three pictures (your own or someone …

Historical Selfies

The most of the pictures in my phone are the pictures those were taken from the trip in Florida. Among those pictures, it was taken when I was in the airplane on a way back to Virginia. As I looked through the pictures, I immediately thought of Wright Brothers because …

Nevermind the Selfies

I took the opportunity of teaching ds106 again to finally take a stab at Tom Woodward‘s historical selfies assignment. If I hadn’t waited until the last minute, I would have done a string of The Wire selfies, which I still plan to do. But given I did all …

pumpkins, pooh bear, photoshop.

My three visual assignments this week took me a LONG time, but they were so worth it! I’m very happy with the results.

Image with a Message

1 star

I have always had a love for quotes. Maybe it’s my passion for writing or my strive for optimism and inspiration, …

Marie Antoinette Selfie

Here is a selfie of Marie Antoinette.

FDR and JFK Were Around Then?

Visual Assignment 2! This one was great. Just the assignment itself was hilarious because i love both historical figures and disasters. What mostly attracted me this assignment was the whole idea of cropping. I get the hang of cropping when i completed the “Me and Bae” assignment where i cropped …

Historical Selfie

When I saw that DS106 had an Historical Selfie option, I was so excited. I knew I had to use one of my favorite historical figures -Marie Antoinette. To make this project happen, I had to download Gimp (basically, a free and less-user-friendly version of Photoshop). After about an hour …

Historical Selfies

For my blog post, I chose to do a Historical Selfie under the visual assignments category. It seems that there’s a lot of recent talk on selfies and there’s even a (terrible) song about it.

So I decided to make a somewhat funny/morbid selfie photo of Abraham Lincoln picture …

DS106 Historical Selfies

Tautological Inception

For this assignment, titled Historical Selfies, I wanted to create a reverse of something that politicians do all the time.  They think that by placing themselves in front of historical art or monuments from the past that it will add credibility to what they are saying or doing at …

Albert Einstein on vacation

For this week you should complete two ds106 visual assignments, each should be posted to your blog, appropriately tagged and categorized.

My second assignment from the bank of items was thinking about what Albert Einstein might look like if he did a selfie with a black hole behind him. …

A curse upon me – my selfie photobombed!

Howard Carter selfie Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Egypt, Nov. 2008

This is a fictional story of how I photobombed Howard Carter’s selfie in the Valley of the Kings. The story is from Mr. Carter’s point of view.

Howard Carter was an English archaeologist and Egyptologist.   Mr. Carter died of …

Poe’s Last Day in Richmond

Events in the last days of Poe’s life.

Jane Austen Visits Darcy

Austin finally makes it to Pemberly to meet and visit Mr. Darcy.

Historical Selfies

These were all focused on historical “selfies” right before disasters but you could do the opposite. I was inspired by the horrible and fascinating Selfies at Funerals Tumblr. You might also be appalled/inspired by Rich Kids of Instagram. I really don’t know quite enough about the selfie/hashtag culture …

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Tutorials So Far

Lincoln’s Selfie – A Tutorial

To start the selfie off, you need to pick a political figure.


Using google images, try and find a picture of the person where you can imagine their arm stretched outward.

I grabbed this one of Abraham Lincoln.

Next you want to open the photo with a photo editing …