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Six word stories, six word quotes, and six word poetry are all the rage. So why not six second art? Using any method of video, stop motion, or other visual medium, produce a six second video of you creating art. It could be digital art, physical art, or performance art, just create a six second video of you making it happen! Vine, Youtube, Vimeo, are all great places to host, although Vine happens to a great natural place for this type of work.

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Submissions So Far

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

If you can’t rule the world, then why not make one? To a degree, “it’s my own design / it’s my own remorse.” I used an instrumental to this song in my radio bumper (how distant that feels).

Here is the song the title is from. I almost used Lorde’s…

Six Second Art (1 1/2 stars)

Another one of my assignments was quick and simple and this was six second art. This assignment asked us to share some type of art skill that can be done in 6 seconds. This caused me to actually learn a new trick that I hadn’t known before. This is how …

Technically, the glass is always full

Inspired by a pic from pinterest I found a few months back. Thought of the saying →”always see the glass half full.” Given that I prefer to see the good in everything, this made me put it the way I want people to see it. Defying the awaited expectation.

Six Second Art (Assignment Bank #21)


Six word stories, six word quotes, and six word poetry are all the rage. So why not six second art? Using any method of video, stop motion, or other visual medium, produce a six second video of you creating art. It could be digital art, physical art, or performance …

Week 10 Video Assignments

Video Assignments    12 Stars                                           4 Stars

The assignment: You probably have watched at least one arts and crafts video in your life. Now is your chance to make your own! Record yourself making a fun arts and crafts project tutorial.

I did a tutorial on English Paper Piecing, it is …

6 second video…or is it a Boomerang?!


So am I writing it? Erasing it? Both?? The world may never know……

Worth It

For my final assignment this week, I decided to make another stop motion video for the #SixSecondArt Assignment (2 stars). Six seconds of a stop motion video is a lot more than six pictures! I decided for my second stop motion video and for this assignment to use a quote. …

6-Second Art

Here I tried to use my favorite chemistry pun to create  a six-second art video.

I tweeted the video:

#ds106 my #6SecondsOfArt assignment!

— Chlover (@chloversgarden) October 29, 2018

The Making of Humpty Dumpty


This video is to fulfill video assignment #1925 entitled “#SixSecondArt.”  It is worth two stars.  The specification is to produce a six second video of a creation of art.

This assignment was chosen because it partly relates to the nursery rhyme character selected for the mid week

Art in Six Seconds

For my first assignment I chose an art in 6 seconds assignment worth 4 stars. The directions were simple, make a 6 second video creating something.

#6secondcreation #ish #really10secondsbutitried #ds106

— Kasey Mayer (@KaseyMayer) November 3, 2017

I chose to create a fortune teller because I thought it was …

6 Second Butterfly

Six Second Art – 4 stars

For this assignment I had to make some art in 6 seconds. I thought it would be easy but quickly realized that I was wrong. I am not good at art and it is really hard to do something in 6 seconds. Time flies!! …

A few seconds of art

For this assignment we were asked to create a short video that demonstrates you creating art. One of my favorite pastimes is to create scrapbook pages and collages. There something about have so much control that makes me love making them. I have a scrapbook that I don’t regularly add …

Art in Nine Seconds

To finish up my assignments for the first round of video week, worth four stars, I decided to create six-second art. I’m not going to lie, my art actually is nine seconds, but you get the gist.

To create my six-second art, I decided to record myself drawing a picture …

Origami SPEED-RUN! No zen allowed!

The first video assignment I chose to do for the week is the 4-star Six Second Art project. I’ll say right now that I’m no artist – I can’t draw for beans, I can’t paint, I can’t dance, and I can’t sing. I have shaky hands so anything that requires …

Art Attack!

Video: #SixSecondArt
Rating: ????

When I was younger, my family and I would go to El Salvador every summer. While there, my parents would put my siblings and I in art classes. These art classes had kids of all different ages and each week we would have a new …

6 Second Art

I don’t have vine but I got this to work just fine with the Photo Booth camera on my macbook.  The original video was only 25 seconds, so once I imported that to iMovie I highlighted everything and dragged what I wanted into the box.  From there I had to …

Animation Sensation


So this was actually way harder than I thought it would be. The assignment was to create a 6 second video of some sort of art. 6 seconds doesn’t sound so hard right? Not so much. I am not an artist by any stretch of the imagination and really …

Week 9 pt. 1: Six-Second Art

Let’s Make Art!

Link to Assignment:

Stars: 3.5

Process: I recorded seven seconds of video using an iPhone SE, and trimmed off an extra second to shorten it to six.


First People Drawings

This assignment took a spin on the six word story and six word quote ideas and had me do six second art. This was a tough one, not because of the art but because it took me like ten tries to fit what I wanted to draw into only six …

Stop Motion

This video assignments was one of my favorites! I did a stop motion video in high school using the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It was a little more advanced than the video I did for this assignment, but it was still a lot of fun. The task was to …

You are my sunshine!

Check out my first ever vine video! This depicts what makes me happy. Also, my favorite art to do is color!

A papercraft clue

What? How odd, a tombstone with Crawlston on it, and his first name’s initial…


Just made a quick papercraft prop of a tombstone, simple and easy to make, all you have to do is download a template from a website, print it, cut it out, and follow …

Talie’s Six Second Art

For this assignment I was to create a six second video of myself creating art. This week I have to complete ten stars worth of video assignments that incorporate my created western character, Talie. You can read more about Talie here. I chose this assignment because I do like …


In response to the ds106 Video Assignment “Six Second Art” I created a simple little picture. Onto the blank paper and a little water, drizzle in the color of the forest. And, lo, a fox appears. Or a wolf. Or maybe a “folf” fox-wolf hybrid. Bred for its …

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Tutorials So Far

Six Second Art

This was a cool little thing to do! I tried to streamline my process by doing most of it in presets beforehand so I could make the six second deadline, but it ended up still taking around two minutes. So I had to speed it up a lot. But yeah! …

Assignment tutorial

This is a tutorial for the “6 second art” video assignment.

The first step is to record your video, just pick something fun and record yourself doing it. Length isn’t a huge deal, we’re going to speed it up next, but I wouldn’t make it longer than a minute or …

Ds106 6 second watercolor 2

6 Second lesson-
Well here is something that makes me feel a little ‘Bob Ross‘ on crack, minus the afro and acrylic. Though I refrained from mentioning happy trees and clouds, I think he would have still been proud, and really anyone could compose a similar image by…