So and So’s Greatest Hits

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There are some bands/musicians/artists out there who constantly make solid songs/albums. Using Audacity, pick a band/musician/artists and create a mash-up of what you consider to be some of their greatest hits. It needs to be at least 5 songs (if you can’t find 5, then they might not be as great of a band as your think they are) and at least 5 minutes, but feel free to go over if the music is groovin’. Upload to soundcloud and introduce us to your favorite band and their songs! Have fun!

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The purpose of this assignment was to create a mash up of a band’s or artist’s greatest hits, in your opinion.

I chose to create a

Greetings….fellow agents. Soundcloud still does not like my files this week so I will have to infiltrate their headquarters to force them allowed. it would

I was sifting through the audio assignment bank and found this assignment. I thought it would be fun to put together five songs from

For this assignment I had to choose an artist and pick at least 5 of their songs and create a mashup, at least 5 minutes

I love Owl City. (I actually met Adam Young earlier this month and I cried) So, naturally, I picked a few Owl City songs

Years ago, a young boy was sitting on a couch with his grandparents watching a biography about a rather popular group. The boy sat

For this audio story, I chose to do “So and So’s Greatest Hits”. I was supposed to choose my favorite band, artist or musician, and

I chose to do the mashup of one of our favorite musical artists. I chose Hillsong United, a Christian band with roots in Australia.

Audio week is back again, and the assignment bank is back in action. This week we are required to do 10 stars, with at least

(Three Stars)

This is a mash-up of five of my favorite Kendrick Lamar Songs. I combined his songs “Faith,” “Blow My High,” Ronald Reagan,” “The Recipe,”

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