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Soundboard Conversation

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Submitted by: Daniel Adams

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Create a conversation between yourself and your favorite movie character using an online soundboard!  To find soundboard clips, check out  

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? Gotta get back in time
Gotta get back in time
Get back, get back
Get back Marty Biff
No seriously, get back. ?

Huey Lewis, Melody, And The News

Great Scott!

We’ve gotta go back Ds106! Back to the Future! For this Audio Assignment, Soundboard Conversation, we had …

Soundboard Conversation

Well this is interesting.…

Soundboard Conversation: Hanging out with Snoop Dog

For this assignment, I was supposed to make a conversation with my favorite movie character. This assignment is the Soundboard Conversation audio assignment, which was 4 1/2 stars Snoop Dog, though prominent for his rap career, does have his share of movie personas. He has been my favorite character …

Final Project Tutorial 5

The assignment was Soundboard Conversation worth 4.5 stars. This was a blast because I got my Ewok to call Arnold Schwarzenegger!! I rehearsed what I was going to say about 7-8 times and used the soundboard found here:

It has most of Arnold’s most important sayings. I just …

Arnold Schwarzenegger Does IT Support

I use to work as IT support, but I’ve also been on the other side of IT support as well. This led me to pick this DS106 assignment as a way of telling my experience with IT support. The assignment Read more…

The post Arnold Schwarzenegger Does IT Support appeared …

When Sally Confronted Rick

In continuation from When Rick Met Walter, this is the conversation that immediately follows the death of our dear friend Walter.  I can’t imagine what Sally is going through right now. I wish her the best of luck in the coming days.



For 4 stars this week, …

Soundboard Conversation

The first assignment I did this week was called “Soundboard Conversation”. It was worth 4 stars. Here is the assignment page.

For this assignment I had to create a conversation between myself and a movie/tv character using an online soundboard. I chose to have my conversation with Gus from my …

The Newest Who Companion: ME

4 stars Soundboard Conversation

I have always wanted to be in an episode of Doctor Who, so even though this assignment said favorite movie character I decided to stretch its limits to TV and make myself a companion. Also if we are being honest most DW episodes play like …

Dory & Me

4 Stars

I decided to challenge myself and go for another 4 star assignment for this week. I did the SoundBoard conversation assignment. Before I go off into detail about what I did for this assignment, I would first like to ask where the heck SoundBoard has been …

Soundboard Conversation with Elvis

4 Stars

When I was looking through the sound board website and saw Elvis Presley I just had too. I am a huge Elvis fan, however I wish the sound board had more usable clips. Again I used Audacity for this assignment. Coming up with the conversation was hard at …

Soundboard Conversation

This is the Soundboard Conversation assignment for 4 Stars.  It was hard, I know the 4 pointers are supposed to be hard but this took me several hours.  I started off trying to get on to Soundboard, it would not accept any of my addresses, but finally I got it …

Audio Assignment: Soundboard Conversation (4pts)- “Fifty Shades of Hallmark.”

Since I am utterly annoyed with the whole story and promotion of this very horribly written story, I wanted to have a normal person’s reaction (mine) to the character Christian Grey. I took lines from YouTube videos from the film and had him come into contact with me as he …

Talking with BFF Samuel L. Jackson…

Soundboard Conversation – (4 Stars)

I called my boy Samuel L. Jackson to help me out with this audio assignment. I had it all planned out in the beginning, but I lost my notes. So when calling Samuel, I couldn’t remember what we were going to talk about. Lets just …

Interviewing Ironman and Pepper Pots

Here is the link to my Interview :

Be Jealous….I Interviewed Ironman this Morning

Yeah…so this happened… Got a selfie with Tony and everything. You can check it out on my MySpace page!

Here is the link to the assignment. It was worth 4 stars!…

Shinji’s Confession

I did this 4 star assignment using this soundboard. Shinji is a character from Neon Genesis Evangelion, and his english voice actor is regarded as one of the most whiny sounding individuals yet. picked this assignment because I had the soundboard at the ready, it would knock out my …

DS106 Final Project: A Conversation With Professor Jackson

Continuing with our investigation of Professor Jackson, we get to listen in on a conversation between the professor and one of his students.  I could not find an assignment on the DS106 assignment bank that matched what I created, so I decided to make my own.  The assignment that I …

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