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¡Sounds of your city!

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Submitted by: Blake Henry

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Record glimpses of different sounds you hear throughout the day, at university, your job, or your city. Compile as many sounds as you would like (ideally in 10 second burst), this makes it easier for editing, chopping, and creating. Then, lay the sounds on some background music you borrow or create yourself, if you borrow the music make sure to give credit. Use audio editing software like Audacity or Logic and share the assignment through Sound Cloud or other medium. Lastly, have patience and have fun with this. If you choose this assignment, please share!

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Sounds of My Day

A collection of sounds from my average day.…

Sounds of My Life

3 Stars

For this assingment I had to record sound that I hear in my life on a regular basis. The first sound is my apartment door opening and hearing my roommate watching TV. The second sound is pages flipping in textbook and novels I have to read for my …

city sounds

For this assignment, I recorded glimpses of different sounds in the city.…

Sounds of Your City Tutorial

For this assignment I am going to help you with a tutorial that I have created.

First what you’re going to want to do is to hang out and record anything that sounds cool. If you’re in a city that is beneficial because the more sounds the better. Record using …

Sounds of…my home?!

This assignment said to record sounds around your city, job, etc,. but I thought my house worked pretty well. It’s NEVER quiet. EVER. This is about 11 seconds of what its like just sitting at my kitchen table at home. TV on pretty loud, dog barking outside, sister talking to …

Sounds of Mad Max

Hello everybody! For my last assignment of the week I chose the ¡Sounds Of Your City! Assignment. In this assignment I was tasked with recording different sounds I hear throughout the day. I then would take these sounds and overlay them on background music. Instead of recording sounds I …

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