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Spooky Sounds

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Submitted by: Jess Reingold

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For this assignment, make an audio track using found sounds or your own recordings that is creepy, spooky, scary, halloween-inspired. Make it more than a minute long so we have time to get scared! 

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A Bit Creepy

Assignment: Spooky Sounds
For this assignment, make an audio track using found sounds or your own recordings that is creepy, spooky, scary, halloween-inspired. Make it more than a minute long so we have time to get scared! 

So! I was browsing the audio assignments and I saw one that caught …

Listen to at Your Own Risk

for my other audio assignments I did Spooky Sounds, which was to create to an audio of spooky sounds. Rated 4 1/2 Stars.

For this assignment I thought all the way back to when I was little during Halloween times. I thought about the different sounds I would hear when …

Get Scared

This assignment I chose is called Spooky Sounds where you must combine scary sound effects together for at least one minute in length of audio to make a scary track. I got all of my sound effects for this assignment from BBC Sound Effects. This assignment was not to …

Happy Birthday

For this assignment I mixed a pretty creepy Happy Birthday song. So listen if you dare …

Spooky Sounds – Don’t Listen at Night

An assignment I did this week was to make a minute or more remix of a bunch of spooky sounds. To do this I recorded a bunch of different spooky sounds or songs that I know from YouTube and I compiled them all into one sound editing app to fit …

My Halloween Sound

For this assignment I created a spooky/scary beat or song, however you want to describe it. For this I used some at home recordings as well as some audio clips from and plugged them into audacity where I edited and trimmed the files into one whole recording. The process …

Haunted Advertisements

For my first assignment this week I chose to alter the 4.5 star spooky sounds assignment to create a commercial for my groups radio show.

This assignment technically says create a spooky soundtrack using only sounds. However, I altered it slightly so that I could make a commercial out of …

Spooky Halloween Track

For four and a half stars of audio assignments I created a spooky Halloween track. I first tried to “set the stage” by having spooky music play in the background and a thunderstorm starting. I used footsteps to introduce someone to the story. The heavy steps walking with purpose were …

Spooky sounds Part Two

So I decided to make my final project creepy so I did Spooky Sounds which is similar to the Sound Effects Story I did before, but this one is specifically spooky! Only thing I really did differently this time was I remembered how to actually do this assignment, I made …

Audio Assignment – Spooky Sounds

You’re tired and you see a house ahead. You don’t think it’s following you anymore. Until you hear it. The unsettling sounds that it never left. You quickly get inside the house and find somewhere to hide. But you still hear it. It seems to be going from room to …

Spooky Sounds

*This assignment bank was created as if someone was walking through a graveyard. Here are the sounds I chose to make it sound super spooky! Enjoy!

Assignment #1

The first assignment I did was called Spooky Sounds worth 4 and a half stars. For this assignment I had make a track using spooky sounds , to try and evoke a sense of fear in the listener.



I went to the ds106 page and clicked on the…

Spooky Sounds


For this assignment, we had to find different sound effects and combine them together to make something spooky, and have it last for at least one minute.

To do this, I first found four different sound effects on and added them all into audacity. I then edited them …

Scary Halloween noises

Spooky Sound

During this assignment I had to come up with a spooky soundtrack. So what I did for this assignment is to get the sound that I think are present in almost every scary story or what I think it is scary. For this track I used chain sound, typical scary …

Spooky Sound

For this audio assignment I had to make an audio track that was Halloween themed or scared the listener. It also had to be a minute or longer in order to give the listener enough time to be scared. Before I give anything away, here is my spooky sound:

I …

Spookys’s Haunted Mansion (AudioAssignments1418 4 Stars)

This combines a lot of things that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! I’m a huge fan of Audio and horror, so I’m going big this week with the 4 star assignment.  I want to use this track for my character Spooksy that I made as my host.  Going in, I wanted an …

Was It All a Dream?

Butler: Yes, I was the one who did it. Everyone just look past me. No one ever cares. The Lawyer would just pass me by. He never cared. He only wanted my services and nothing more. So, yeah I killed your dear friends. And I don’t feel any remorse at …

They Brainwashed Her

For this assignment (worth 4 stars), I had to make some spooky sounds using my own recordings and editing.

To create this, I used Garageband to edit a clip that I had been saving of an ominous voicemail that my grandmother left on our house phone. The song is similar …

Spoookyyyy sounds

For my last couple of stars I decided to do the spooky sounds assignment. For this assignment I used a collection of samples I had to create a scene where my character Jack was waiting in the rain, outside a small town for a client of his

scary sounds and a haunted mansion!

So a while back I found a recording of outtakes from the haunted mansion narration from disneyland, and I jumped at the gun to use it for this assignment.

I over-downloaded and ended up with a bunch of effects I didn’t use, but I think I like having …

What Was That?

Spooky Sounds (4pts):

Using Audacity, and sounds I already had, I created this audio of sound inspired by things that creep me out. It has a mix of a human scream with a cat yell, a cat hiss, an evil laugh, and floor creaking all in one to create …


The first assignment that I completed was to make a creepy song. This was a really fun assignment to complete actually.  It is called Spooky Sounds and is worth 4 stars.  All I used to create this assignment was music and sounds that I found in mixcraft. I hope y’all …

Spooky Sound: An Incident Prevented By Black

Spooky Sounds: 4 Stars

The last assignment that I  performed to reach 10 stars was that of Spooky Sounds. I decided to dedicate this one to my character Black. The background of this sound clip is a person is driving and suddenly gets hit by another person on purpose. The …

Spooky—-Possible Radio Show Material?

As I’m searching to complete my AudioAssignments for this week, I found this guy:

Link to Audio Assignment (4 Stars). You might just hear this as apart of our Radio Show next week. Tune into “Get a Clue.” Can’t say too much because I don’t want to give it …

Spooky Ambience

This is for the Spooky Sounds audio assignment.  I wanted to make the sounds for my track be more generally unsettling and creepy than outright scary.  So I avoided any singular loud sounds that would lend themselves to jump scares and kept it a bit more constant.  The variations in …

Spooky Sounds- 4 stars

This audio assignment was to us sound effects to tell a spooky story that is about a minute long.
I chose to use the sound of a thunder storm, a ghost whispering, a lady screaming, glass breaking, running on carpet, door shutting, and running with keys outside.
I think it …

Your Theme Song

I related this assignment to my noir character, John Brown. This was worth 4 points, so it was kind of difficult to complete it.

I done this assignment with Logic Pro X, and tried to show his loneliness.

I put rain sound so it can give sadness and loneliness and …

Spooky Sounds

This assignment (4 points) was to create a song that is combination of spooky sounds. Instead of using Audacity, I used Logic Pro X to complete this assignment.

Here’s what I made.

It was really difficult assignment and I had no idea how to start. So, I just sat …

The Spooky Hotel

(Four Stars)

Scott Brinkmann’s hotel can be very scary at night! Here are some sounds you might hear while walking around the hotel. You could hear anything from footsteps, screams, and the howling wind to even ghosts! I thought this assignment would be good for my character’s hotel because …

She’s Dead Isn’t She- 4 stars

For this assignment I had to make a mash-up of sounds and make something scary. Using freesound I imported all my sounds and I would say I did a pretty good job. Making this mash-up I learned how to move audio from a place to another place so I can …

In your Nightmares

A combination of evil and darkness

Murder in the Shower

This is the Spooky Sounds assignments that is four points. I thought it would be interesting to show a murder in the shower. I always get scared when people so into showers during horror films because I always think something bad is going to happen. It is one of the …

Spooky Sounds

The is the Spooky sounds audio assignment worth 4 stars.  This Audio assignment was to edit together spooky sounds.  This was kind of fun once I got the hang of it.

Spooky Sound Story

This is the freaky sound story I chose to create from random sounds on the Internet. I wrote this story from sounds. I wanted it to tell the story about a zombie chasing someone, a dog barking in warning, and then someone screaming.

I wanted the zombie noise at the …

Scary Soundtrack

Scary soundtrack:

I choose to do the scary soundtrack because Halloween is coming up , and I love Halloween!! So here was my attempt to get everyone in the halloween mood!!

I created the audio using garage band. I went through different sounds, and if I felt like the sound …

“She must have really had to go to the bathroom.”

Upon reading the title of this post, you might be going “what the heck?” I don’t blame you.

Basically, the first, four-star assignment I chose from the Assignment Bank was to create a Spooky Soundscape that’s a little over a minute long.

I began by browsing some that were already …

Halloween Spooky sounds for fun times!

Something Wicked This Way Comes

“Spooky Sounds” – This was the best audio assignment EVER!  Perfect for upcoming Halloween.  I had my 7-year-olds listen as I kept making it spookier and scarier.  They totally loved helping and offering criticisms along the way.  This time I wanted to have background music, based on a suggestion from …

Spooky Sounds: AudioAssignments, AudioAssignments1418

Spooky Sounds: (3 Stars)

This was a fun assignment to work on, especially right at Halloween time!  I found most of my sounds that I wanted to go with on  The following tracks were downloaded:

Uncle Sigmund:  “Chainsaw”

tcrocker68_girl:  “girl screaming”

Puniho: “Chainsawing”

Spoonbender: “Wind through trees”

All of …

It’s Halloween Season

Since it is October I thought it was only fitting to complete the Spooky Sounds assignment. I actually had a lot of fun with this one and spent a lot of time on it. I wanted to try to make it creepy and once I got started I could not …

Very Halloweeeny

In light of my obsession with Halloween candy at the moment and the holiday’s fast approach, I decided to do the Spooky Sounds assignment. I used my GarageBand to make this, pulling some creepy audio sounds from it. I interspersed these sounds with portions of noises, screams and other …

Happy Halloween

Halloween is This Month!!

Since Halloween is this month, I decided to create an assignment, worth 3 stars called Spooky Sounds. For this assignment you have to make an audio track using found sounds or your own recordings that is creepy, spooky, scary, halloween-inspired and make it more than a minute long so …

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