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Storytelling Collage

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Submitted by: Amanda Motley

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Telling a story in a collage, creating a story for someone to view.  

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Submissions So Far

My Storytelling Collage

Well what’s more fun than making a collage based on a series of events in my life? I figured that the easiest story to follow would be this one, heading off to college!

In the first photo, you see my acceptance letter, YAY UMW! Next, there’s me with my diploma …

My Spring Break Story Collage

Over the course of spring break my two best friends from college who are now my roommates thought it would be fun to go to Orlando and go to Universal Studios and Sea World. We drove with my friends parents and stopped at “South of the Border” which is in …

My son growing up (story)

My son growing up

Storytelling Collague

My wife and I were happily married in August of 2007.  The story is of our wedding and honeymoon.


From my eyes


Well, I suppose our trip was a success. As I mentioned before, Bev mysteriously left earlier than I expected, so I was left alone to explore a little bit more on my own. Bev, as is her way it seems, left very specific travel plans that I …

Storytelling Collage (three stars)

For this assignment we had to make a collage that tells a story. To make this collage I used the app “PhotoFrame,” to combine all four photos. This collage tells the story of a typical day in the life of Scott Brinkmann. He starts his day off …

We are back from Bali – and have pictures!


Bev here – Damon and I got back from our trip to Bali and it was wonderful. We did a lot of things. As you will see on Damon’s post, we really had different perspectives for what we wanted to do in Bali. Yes, I wanted to see …

Noir Character Story Collage

Here is the digital storytelling collage assignment that is three points. I wanted to do a story assignment with pictures for my character Lukas Jones. I went through the character travel to the past and the characters he meets.

The Story of Andrea Carr

Here is my blog post where you can find my work:

Andrea’s Life in a Collage

It started out great. Perfect house, perfect husband, perfect family. Then a polo accident that killed her husband, a gambling habit that left the family in shambles. Andrea and her family lost everything. Now they live in poverty, and Andrea doesn’t have much of a chance….TBC…Visual Assignment Link (3

Storytelling Collage Duck Hunt



Telling a story in a collage, creating a story for someone to view.  3 points

This collage is telling the story of a duck hunt with my buddy before he left to Tennessee this winter break.

Top right and middle top right:

We left the boat launch at …

Storytelling Collage

Telling a story in a collage, creating a story for someone to view

3 Points!

Top Left:

My brother and I head to the dock at 5am to pick up the boat. Our friends at the marina grab the crane and our boat is being lifted out of the …

Visual Assignment: “Storytelling Collage”(3 and 1/2 pts) – “The Lover and the Cheat; Sebastian and Margaret”


A heart given is a heart that can be more easily broken, destroyed. When Sebastian looked at Margaret, his skin became electrified with a sensation he never felt with such intensity; a love so real he felt it deep to his core, pulsing through his blood and corrupting all …

Delilah Valentine

This post is dedicated to Delilah Valentine, my character for my semester. It explains what hippotherapy is, and if my character was to be played by any actress/performer, it’d be Taylor swift (as long as she dyed her hair black and kept it natural). Delilah’s story is a simple one. …

Storytelling Collage

I decided to make my collage about Frank’s weekend on the soccer field! His team did so well, they won the whole tournament!

First, I found a bunch of photos of soccer players online. I took the team photo and photo shopped Frank’s face on the coach on the right.…

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Storytelling Collage Tutorial

I just completed this assignment so I thought it’d be suiting for me to make a tutorial! It’s not that difficult to figure out, but I enjoyed making it.

First, bring up the website

Next, click on ‘Add Photos’ to add the photos you want to use.

You can …