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Submitted by: Ashleigh Duque

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You are a superhero. Develop the details surrounding your story (i.e. your background, personality, and superpowers) using the results from online word/phrase generators. Some great places to start:

This assignment was inspired by Changing Fortunes (https://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/changing-fortunes/)

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SuperStory Generator

For this assignment, I generated 4 random phrases from Random Word Generator, 4 random fortunes from My Fortune Cookie, and a superhero name from Random Word Generator to build off of. The phrases/fortunes will be in bold in the text.

Born in the western foothills of …

Psycho the Superhero

I go by Psycho. After all, that’s what everyone has been calling me since middle school. However, I don’t notice anyone laughing after they call me. Not since the apocalypse. I am a psychic overseer, and I use my ability to warn people when the zombies will be arriving where …

Trustworthy Forehead

I heard the scream and knew immediately what was happening. Mrs. Tulu lives in a ground-level apartment on the side closest to the alleyway. Although we technically reside in the showiest side of town, our building lies on the border of the west end of Hemlock County, where police are …

Superstory Generator

Tech (Joseph McDowell) is an everyday GIS analyst in Atlanta whose sense of virtue is constantly tested by his nearly unlimited power. That power comes from an alien artifact that has fused into every cell in his body and is undetectable by normal ways. It was created by the Elhanion, …

Burst your Bubble

I am Burst Your Bubble the superhero! Where I burst people’s bubble about things things they are up in arms about! It’s not all its cracked up to be! People tend to get quick and dirty if you catch my drift. Any ways I take a shot in the dark …

Dream Bat

I am Dream Bat. I was living on the streets when I found a mysterious and powerful artefact – now, it has transformed me beyond recognition, and every day I must try to use my new abilities wisely, as well as resisting the temptation for revenge…

My abilities are dream …

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This is the time for caution, but not for fear.

Splashing water is heard coming from the nearby swamp. Footprints of three humans walk alongside that of a single strange set walk together from into the distance, diverging when they get near, with the three human tracks heading over to a nearby tree, while the single track continues to head …

Jagged duckling

Quick Info

Superhero name: Jagged Duckling

Actual Name: Lope Endre Kobayashi

Personality: He is an appreciative, patient man, very thankful to what he has been given in life. His life motto is to “Enjoy the small things you find on your journey.” He is hard to anger, but like many …