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Viral Video Re-enactment

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Submitted by: Ben Rimes

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Re-enact a particularly viral or noteworthy video meme (think Nyan Cat or David at the Dentist). Not to be confused with re-interpreting a scene from a movie, the goal of this assignment is to create a live action version, or a re-enactment of, one of those annoying yet irresistible video memes and viral videos. We're looking at your "Epic 10 Hour Sax Guy". Make sure to link to the original meme or viral video in the description on Youtube. Bonus points if you can include family members in the video :)

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Viral Video Re-enactment (Three and a Half Stars)

For this assignment I had to find a viral video and re-enact it. I chose to re-enact the “Yosemitebear Mountain Double Rainbow 1-8-10″ video. This video went viral because the guy is overreacting to the double rainbow and starts crying. I thought it would …

Devonne Gets Shot

For my final video assignment of the week, i chose to do the “Viral Video Re-enactment” worth 3.5 stars. This seemed like a very fun assignment to do. Since my other two video assignments didn’t involve The Wire, this was perfect. The hardest part of this assignment was deciding which …

Epic Instrument Woman! (Viral Video Re-enactment ***)

In your entire life, you will never see anything as EPIC as this! In the beginning, there was Epic Sax Guy, but now the genders have flipped to reveal something equally, if not MORE epic! I give you, Epic Instrument Woman!


This video was created for the “Viral Video

How To: Multiple Video Layers in Premiere Pro

–Originally published at The Tech Savvy Educator » ds106
I’ve had 3 snow days so far this week. That means I’ve had plenty of time to answer lots of emails, work on non mission-critical projects that have been piling up, have a bunch of fun with some media and digital storytelling, and catch up on some good old fashioned TV watching. Which would bring …

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