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Who Inspires You

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Everyone has someone who they admire or who inspires them. For this assignment, write about that person and why you admire them.

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Some Heroes Wear Moccasins

Everyone has someone who they admire or who inspires them. For this assignment, write about that person and why you admire them.…

She takes me away to that special place.

For one of my journal prompts, I was instructed to
take a moment to watch someone I’m grateful for and focus on them for 10
minutes. Nothing else. No eating or drinking. No television on. Nothing but
that individual. If possible, I wasn’t supposed to interact with them, instead just…

Week 3: Assignment Bank

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Who Inspires You

Someone who inspires me is Gary Vaynerchuck because he is brutally honest about how life is and how you need to be in order to make money and live the …

Who Inspires Me?

There are many people who inspire me, from people I know directly and people I don’t. My parents inspire me everyday. My siblings shock me everyday with how much they inspire me. My friends, which I haven’t seen in awhile, inspire me. Ruth Bader Ginsburg inspires me (she’s badass), Lizzo …

Steve Jobs: An Inspiration In The 80s

This writing assignment I chose is called Who Inspires You where you have to choose someone who you admire or who inspires you and write about them and why you admire them or why they inspire you. I chose to write about Steve Jobs because he is a very inspirational …

My Biggest Fear?

Me? What do I fear? I suppose it would have to be death; not fufilling any of my life goals, never finding love or a person who truly liked me for who I was, letting my family down, yeah. I guess that’s something reasonable. But the thing is, I used …

Who Inspires You

The one person who inspires me the most, to work hard and do my very best every single day is my girlfriend. We met a little more than a year ago and have been talking non-stop since the day we met day-by-day. She gives me courage to fight and to …

God is a Woman

There are many people that I deeply admire and who inspire me. But the woman who inspires me the most, is Emmeline Pankhurst. She was a woman’s suffrage activist who lived from 1858-1928. Her life was filled with endless acts of selflessness towards women. She founded the Women’s Franchise League …

Nothing short of Amazing!

I was actually most recently inspired by the entire situation with Nike and Kapernick.  Everyone will have their own opinion, and I very much respect that.  For me personally though, this story has been truly inspiring given his journey (that I’m sure we don’t know every single detail about) and …

Who Inspires You

My dad is my biggest inspiration. He is such a kind, giving, and intelligent man.  He has built his life around his faith and strength in his family.  He built a successful, commercial construction company from the ground up, enduring and recovering from two massive heart attacks and numerous other …

Who inspires you?

There are many people I find inspiring either by what they say, what they do, or both. Let’s talk about what some have done.

George Washington and Cincinnatus- Almost two thousand years separate these two men but are united commonly by humility and by an incredible strength; the strength to …

Guess who inspires me!

Many people inspire me. Anyone form my parents to an athlete on tv. But one person who particularly inspires me is my Grandmother. Her name is Elaine Gardner. She graduated for the UMW in the the fifties while it was an all girls school with a major in chemistry. She …

Assignment Bank 2 (Week Three):

Who Inspires You – Batdad Edition:

*This week we were asked to connect our class theme (superheroes) to one of the writing assignments we complete. When I saw this assignment, I thought it would be the absolute best one to make that connection.

Dear Batdad,

They always say a girl’s …

My Inspiration

Each and every time I am asked who I am most inspired by I always think of one person in particular, my grandma.

When my sister and I were little my grandma was always there to watch us while our parents worked full time jobs. Normally children hated to be …

My Mother: A Constant Source of Inspiration

Hello Everyone,

the person that inspires me most is definitely my Mom, Ellen Burns. My Mom has been a constant companion of mine since the day I was born; she has taught me valuable life lessons which are unparalleled to anything else I have ever learned. Not only is she …

Role Model

The person I admire and look to as a role model is Warren Buffet. He is one of the richest men in the world yet he is one of the humblest. He still drives an everyday car and has lived in the same house in Nebraska. I also admire his …

I Admire You


Everyone has someone they admire. I recently had to opportunity to hear Tony Nicely, the CEO of GEICO speak and he really inspired me.

“Life is too short to work in any company where you cannot be happy”-Tony Nicely

Mr. Nicely is from a small town in West Virginia …

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