You’re a Pinteresting Character

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Build a Pinterest page of at least 20 pins for a character of your choice. Search for pins that relate to your character and things that he or she would want to pin for themselves. Use X-Ray Goggles from Hackasaurus to modify the board further to personalize it for your character. Bonus points if you build a page and have visitors to your blog guess which character you picked!

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All of Kaleidoscope’s necessities: rainbow hair, nails, clothes, and much more!…

For this assignment, I was able to use one of my favorite sites, Pinterest, and incorporate my character, Annabella Smith, into it. You can see

This assignment which was worth 2 ½ stars. This assignment finished off my 8-star requirement of web assignments for the week! “You’re pintresting

This assignment had me create a board on Pinterest for a character of my choice. I chose to create a board for my character

I did the assignment where you create a pinterest for a character. I chose to create   my Pinterest board for my western character, Mrs. Dean, who

Resume: I made a resume to go along with my Agency. I used the resume from my Business class and changed things around to fit

For this assignment, I had to create a board on Pinterest representing me, Billy Steel, and pin 20 things to the board. I have the

You’re a Pinteresting Character (2 stars)

Here is a link to Agents Shadow and Caleb board in the Darkening Agency. This board gives in

You’re A Pinteresting Character-2pts
This week I also had to make a Pinterest account for myself. I never thought I would enjoy this website to

I made a vowel never to get a pinterest account but #ds106 broke that vowel for me. I pinned some pretty nice pool tables though!

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Here’s the Pinterest board!

So, for this assignment, I had to make a pinterest board for a character with at least 20 pins and then

I found this assignment very interesting. We were to use our pinterest (making one if we did not already have one) and put within one