Animated GIF Assignments


for fun

Photos to GIF

Create a gif using images that Are from the same scene. For my assignment, I took images of a girl spinning and tried to capture each step of the turn. Then, I added the images to the gif maker In the order they were taken.


Create 4-6 gifs from your favorite TV show

DS106 Reacts

Make the perfect reaaction gif and create a story that it fits around or perfectly describes. React to whatever to want with your gif!

Subtitle GIF

Make a GIF and add subtitles! These can be real subtitles that weren’t available with the video, or not real ones that help tell your story.

Get off my porch

Eastwood ain’t interested in your strange behavior. What’s got’em so upset? Use this transparent GIF and add your own atrocity.


bulling come in one for or another, even cats show who boss around my house

Animals Doing Funny Things

Find anyhting that has something to do with an animal doing something funny. Turn it into a GIF!

Best Sports Play

Make a GIF of the best sports play in your opinion from this past year.

Sticky Note Animation

Lets go back in time and make an old school sticky note animation… Maybe it will make us appreciate our computer animation tools a little better. What’s nice about using sticky notes is that they are so thin you don’t even need a light table.

1. Get a pack of blank sticky notes.

2. Create an animation using each sticky note as a frame. Be creative here!

3. Take pictures of each frame and put them together to make an animation!

4. Upload to your blog!