Audio Assignments

Reverse It!

Everybody loves musicals, but if you listened to the soundtrack backwards. Would it relay the same story as it previously did or would the story be backwards or completely different than before. Take a soundtrack and put the songs together starting with the last one or in any order of your choosing to create a new story.

Reenact a 911 dispatch Call

For this assignment, find a previous recorded 911 dispatch call and cover that call using audacity or some other audio device.

All the Relaxation

I’m sure you’ve listened to those longs videos of relaxing sounds that can be played for 10+ hours. Now it’s your turn to give it a try! Create something relaxing, with layered sounds, and some spontaneous sounds! It doesn’t have to be 10+ hours long, but something that could be on repeat for that long. Put in all of your favorite relaxation sounds, even if they don’t match! Just have fun with it!

Quote with a New Feeling

Most people have a favorite quote or saying that they know, use that and record yourself speaking it using programs like (audacity, garage band, etc..). After that mash up your audio recording with a sounds, song, or instrumental in the background too better explain the feeling that this quote or saying has on you.

Auditory Hell

Create YOUR worst sound ever. Take audio clips of every single sound that you hate and put them all together to make The Worst Noise Ever.

Original and Cover Mashup

Choose a song that you really long and do a mash up of the original with a cover done in a different Genre.

Create a story using music

Create a story using old music along with more current songs. Be creative!

Humming away

I always have songs stuck in my head at the worst times and giving the song a little hum is always a good way to get it out of your head (or sometimes make it even more stuck!) For this assignment record yourself humming a song that is stuck in your head and upload it! For example I did FloRida’s Apple Bottom Jeans song because its been stuck in my head all week!

Music Parody

Pick a song you like and a verse in the song that you what to work with. Now rewrite the lyrics in this section to make a parody. The chorus might be the easiest. Be creative and have fun. The funnier the better!

New Vs. Old

For this assignment you will be mashing up a cover of a song with its original. Alternate between the new and the old to create contrast and highlight the differences between the two. Try to avoid awkward transtitions by focusing on flow.