Storytelling Through Pictures

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Storytelling is the best way to get a message across, to be creative and to speak ones mind. For this assignment you can tell the story of your life through pictures in whatever way you chose. Whether you tell us about your life as a child and show pictures of the best times of your life, like walking and rolling (maybe a future gymnast?) we want to see! You could even make a timeline of the most important parts of your life, like getting your license and loosing your first tooth. Or maybe all about you’re college experience, the friends made and lessons learned. Tell us your story, through pictures. Try not to use words, let the pictures speak for themselves and have fun. Take some thought into it and really reach far and try to show us what your life is made of, whats important to you. You can make a college or a timeline, whatever you think acurately shows the story of what you are trying to show the best.

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I am a thrower on the UMW varsity Track and Field team and sports play a big role in my life. I was trying

For this assignment, I chose to tell the story of the time my character, Deidra the Determinator, broke her leg in high school. I chose

For my last design assignment of week two I decided to do the storytelling through photos. In case there is any confusion I will

This assignment was inspired by Carlee’s summer tutoring poster in which her character Bonnie Sue and my Danny Keys teamed up to

Had a lot of fun with this visual assignment! I used Animoto to create this video. It is a great video creator. Unfortunately, in order

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Daily Create #4

You know the feeling when you meet someone and you both just ‘click’? After that moment you know that the two of

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1. Decide what you want to base the story off