Visual Assignments


Make the eyes twice as big


Using Adobe photoshop or a comporable program, create a clipping mask with text. Use an image from earth or grass and use the lasso or selection tool to add blades of grass outside the mask. Add a drop shadow or bugs to make it appear more realistic. 

be your own best friend!

For this assignment, you are hereby FORBID from using editing software because I make the rules and i don’t like editing software. :). So what you’re gonna do is, using a smartphone (or normal camera I suppose), take a panorama photo, except moving whenever you get out of frame in order to make it look like you’re in the same photo at least twice, but you get more points the more you can fit yourself in. Confused? Check out this link for better instructions! Make it interesting! are you and yourself friends? enemies? indifferent? Tell a story with a single panorama. And remember, No Editing! Check out my flickr for more examples! Best of luck mes amis!

(bc I don’t know if those in text link worked, the tutorial: and my flickr:

Draw A Musical Puppet

This assignment originated from Lynda Barry AKA the Near Sighted Monkey

While watching the Tame Impala video I’m A Man, make four separate drawings on a single piece of paper divided into quadrants. For each drawing you make, set a two-minute timer to tell you when to stop. Choose one of the band member puppets to focus your attention on and make your drawing about. Make each drawing in a separate pose. Do not stop the video while drawing! Try to capture the energy and motion in each of your drawings. Do a cartoon-style drawing, not a fully rendered fine-art work. Focus on capturing the essence of the character in each different pose.

Concert You Want to Be At

You must have a Photoshop app. I used because I have a Chromebook and it is not compatable with a lot of photo editing apps. If you have a Mac and, a computer that uses Windows you will be able to use a Photoshop app. Once you have downloaded and have set up your Photo editing app, copy and paste a picuture of a concert you want to be at,or you wish you were at into the photo editing app. Then copy and paste a picture of yourself in the picture of the concert to make it look like you were there, even though you were not. You will have to cut and remove away the background of the second picture, so that alll you see is the backgroud of the first picture. 

Creepy anime eye

You know how those anime characters have oversized eyes? Like Alita: Battle Angel? Do you think they’d look just as creepy on other people? Let’s find out! Take a photo of someone and use an image editor to give them big bug eyes. “All the better to see you with…”

Before and After The End

Take a before/after photo of a person, place, or thing that has survived the apocalpyse. Then use Juxtapose to share a comparison of your two photos. Try not to rely too heavily on Photoshop or other photo editors to show the changes.

Five Frame Story

Tell a story using five photos. Basically, that’s it. Figure out the story you want to tell and then take five photos to tell it. If you need to edit, add filters, etc. in order to get the effect you want, go for it. 

Your favourite photo?

It’s simple. Choose your faveourite photo you’ve taken and tell everyone why you love it so much.

Averaged Portrait

Take multiple photos of a friend or of yourself, then compile and average all of the photos in Photoshop to create an unconventional portrait. Have fun with the poses and setting of your pictures! Learn how to average layers in Photoshop with this YouTube video.

This assignment was inspired by Averaging Concepts Using Flickr.