Animated GIF Assignments

Splain that Dystopia in Six Slides

Dystopic world building can be a rough task when you have only 90 minutes to tell a story. So sometimes there’s nothing wrong with a little expository writing in the form of title cards to establish your particular apocalyptic setting. So in six slides ground your catastrophe. Help us understand what started it all.

Summarize a Wire episode in GIFs

For this assignment, you will need to created a sereis of GIFs that sumamrize the main plot pots, themes, or moments of interest. To make it a bit more challenging, you are limited to six GIFs

3D Anaglyph-A-GIF

Combine your love of creating GIFs with your love of creating 3D Anaglyphs. Create a 3D Anaglyph-A-GIF! Like an exemplary animated GIF, your Art will celebrate a still image that just cries out to move in GIF form. And like any great piece of 3D, your Art will have have depth and reach out and “grab” the viewer with thrill and gusto! Design with red/cyan viewing glasses in mind. 

If you get really enthused about exploring this artform, consider promoting your art with the Anaglyph-A-GIF tag. You can even add a badge


Home Video Gif

For this assignment, you will need one thing that eveyone has. A home video! Choose a video that you have filmed yourself and create a gif from that video. Instructions for how to complete this assignment are linked to this page!

Animate a Classic Painting

Choose a classic painting and animate in anyway you want. Make it move, blink, or add another image to make it come to life. Remember be creative and make it interesting.

My Beyonce Gif

Open photoshop, head to import video frames to layers. choose part of video and create gif.

Been There

Take a moment from a movie that you can relate too and make a gif out of it. Emotions, expressions and embarrasing moments would work well!

TXT gifs

In 2 or more frames write a contridicting thought.


In 4-8 frames animate yourself in a dream even if you’re just running! Here’s a tutorial I made. You may use stick figueres or photographs.

The Tate’s 1840’s GIF Party

“The 1840s GIFParty invites you to transform artworks from the 1840s room at Tate Britain into animated GIFs.” That’s tight, you have right to take a piece of museum art work, animate it as a GIF, and submit it back to the Tate. Tag your work for ds106 and share it with the museum.

“Submit your  GIF to us via the  Tate Collectives Tumblr or by emailing: [email protected]” — doing so before February 2, 2014 enters your GIF for potential museum exhibition, learn more…